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Weight loss

Weight loss Hi, I am 42yrs with Ht 61" & wt 60kgs. I want to loose 6 kgs more. I am taking Lipophage 120,each capsule a day. Is it perfect?

What to do in a hip joint fracture

...weight bearing process to align the disrupted. The patient is immobilised for a period till the traction is there and then is slowly brought back to normal. Here too no weight bearing activity is to b...

Does water helps weight loss?

...weight loss through water let us first understand what is weight loss? Weight loss is diluting and washing of extra stored fats from our body. And what is the main unique feature of water? Washing! So...

Hair Health Capsule

Hair Health Capsule The formulation has precious herbs and medicinal properties that acts as a tonic, strengthening the roots and improving blood circulation to the hair follicles. It contains org...

Schedule your weight loss regime

...Weight training Most particularly females completely skip on the weight training sessions thinking it is only meant for body builders; but the truth is entirely different.  Adding weights to the...

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