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Tips to Lose Weight and Stay Fit hear is how to lose weight or meet people who want to know tips to lose weight. This is in order to get into their smart and sexy bikinis and enjoy beaches. Some people want to know how to lose wei...

weight lose

weight lose doctor i want to lose weight. i am 18 yrs and i weigh 80 kgs. please suggest me perfect diet and exercise. i am vegetarian and menses are also irregular,please help

fighting obesity all my life

...weight loss since i can remember . im 25 yrs now n im fed up , but not ready to give up just yet. going to get married in ten months , i'd like to lose 15-20 kilos to reach my ideal weight . i'...

Follow Healthy Diet to Lose Weight

...told this incident to me, at very same day I decided to take New Year resolution of losing weight by following healthy diet schedule and avoiding unhealthy foods.Before moving further, I want to bring...

Weight lose

Weight lose I want to reduce my weight? Please suggest........

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