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weight loss

weight loss am 29 yrs of age and my weight is losing weight so fast.i went for medical check up by they never found anything wrong.pls help me. i want to be at least 56kg

Top breakfast myths can be taken when you are really hungry. In case of indigestion or constipation, sometimes it is even better to avoid breakfast. Timely breakfast is good for loosing weight Well that is the myt...

Addison's disease –causes and symptoms

...toms appear severely the patient has totoms appear severely the patient has to go to the doctor and get treated.  Around 25 % symptoms are revealed during addisonian crisis and such symptoms are frequent vomiting and diarrhea, low blo...

Advantages of laughter therapy

...weight gain. Laughter therapy relieves all the stress and stops the tendency to overeat in an individual which ultimately results in weight loss.  Social connection Smiling and laughing person ...

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