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Search results for tips for weight loss for women

Pregnancy and Weight Gain

...weight women: 28-40 pounds Women with Normal weight: 25-35 pounds Overweight women: 15-25 pounds Obese women: 11-20 pounds The pregnancy weight gain guidelines for women with twins are a little ...

10 remedies to beat hair loss

...loss. In case of severe hair loss, you can opt for acupressure therapy for some time. Magnet therapy Magnet Therapy helps to reduce hair loss. Regular drinking of water from magnet utensil promotes ...

Tips to Lose Weight and Stay Fit

Tips to Lose Weight and Stay Fit Dr. Shalini Kapoor Kad   Summer comes and all we get to hear is how to lose weight or meet people who want to know tips to lose weight. This is in order to get...

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