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Search results for tips for hair growth

Natural supplements for long hair

...for rapid hair growth. Silicon is one of the elements which are also essential for growth of hair. Denatured diet mostly amongst the westerners makes them deficient in silicon. Regular intake of pot...

10 remedies to beat hair loss growth and control hair loss. In case of severe hair loss, you can opt for acupressure therapy for some time. Magnet therapy Magnet Therapy helps to reduce hair loss. Regular drinking of water ...

Shanaz husain Arnica Hair Oil

...Hair Oil formulation controls hairfall, dandruff greyness and dryness. Stimulates hair growth and thickness. Regular use makes the hair healthy and lustrous. Method of Use massage gently into the s...

for strong and shining hair

for strong and shining hair my hair is too weak and takes so long time for growth. its looks so dry so why no hair style suits me. please advise tips for strong and beautiful hair

How to treat hair loss at home?

...for hair growth. You can also apply a mixture of henna, egg yolk and tea strain to color your grey hair instead of hair color to stop the hair loss due to chemical exposure. If you have a bald patch,...

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