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VLCC Natural Sciences Shape Up Momz Post Natal Stretch Mark Fading & Toning Cream

...stretch marks that have developed on your body. During pregnancy body's skin tissue stretches and tears apart causing purple-red lines to show up. after delivery skin contracts back again but due to c...


...STRETCHEX Cream Stretch Marks often appear: On the breast and abdomen during pregnancy In growing adolescents  During rapid weight gain or weight loss  During body building or any exer...

Pregnancy and Weight Gain

...pregnancy should be gradual and not sudden. This ensures minimal trouble for the woman. Sudden weight gain could result in itchiness in the skin as well as stretch marks. Stretch marks do not disappea...

Important steps of pregnancy care

...stretch marks. Use good massage oil enriched in Vitamin E slowly on your stomach to stop formation of stretch marks.  

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