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Pre - marital counselling: an essential to begin

...counselling To fade out all confusions more and more people are moving towards pre marital counselling. The sessions are integral, they are no treatment or abnormal thing it is just to understand bet...

Preconception counselling and care

...counselling is the counselling done before fertilisation simply meeting a doctor and knowing of pregnancy whereabouts even before the pregnancy begins. Though the concept is a little new but it is pro...

Inhibited Sexual Desire or has faced traumatic sexual experiences like sexual abuse, rape, etc. s/he likely to experience the sexual disorder. Intake of some medications, psychological conditions like stress, depression...

Passive-Aggressive Personality Disorder

...Counselling Psychotherapy There is no way of treating the condition except counselling. The counselling with experts aid in identifying behavioural changes and taking measures accordingly.


...counselling Psychotherapy No treatment is available for this disorder. Genetic counselling should be done if a couple has one affected child; there are chances that the reoccurence rate will be...

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