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Inhibited Sexual Desire

...sexual experiences like sexual abuse, rape, etc. s/he likely to experience the sexual disorder. Intake of some medications, psychological conditions like stress, depression, etc also affects sexual l...

Orgasmic Dysfunction

...sexual activity may also contribute to it.    Sex Education especially about sexual stimulation and taking responsibility for one's own sexual pleasure is also vitally important. Healt...

Always negate the marital discord

...relationship really blossoms. But at times, due to some misunderstanding or problems the tuning goes haywire and so does the bonding. To settle the marital discord is very important and that too at th...


...sexual relationship his boy friend only once, after one year she want to marriage another person .how many chances are there his hoseband could know about his privious sexual relationship?

problem in making sexual relationship

...sexual relationship hi doctor i am a man of 33yrs.i have sex problem.i feel that my penis is very weak.i can't make sexual relation with my wife more than 1 minute. pls help me

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