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Psoriasis; Guttate

...psoriasis. It is most common in children and young adults It develops acutely in individuals without psoriasis or in those with chronic plaque psoriasis It is usually seen in children and a...


...psoriasis. The symptoms differ accordingly. Plaque psoriasis: Under this disease, the skin lesions are red at base and are covered by silvery scales. Guttate psoriasis: It is mostly caused by S...

Psoriasis - Treatment related

Psoriasis - Treatment related Hello, I've been suffering from Psoriasis since 2006. Its spread all over my body and looks like red color patches covered by white thich skin.I'd like to know t...


Psoriasis sir i am 19 years old and 4m 9 years m suffering 4m psoriasis..which is permnent treatment ? how can i take that..

Geographic Tongue

...Treatment Modern Medicine Usually no treatment is required but in case of pain and discomfort anti inflammatory drugs, mouth rinses, topical corticosteroid are adviced by doctors

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