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Search results for preventing pregnancy

Abortion, Threatened

...pregnancy, uterine fibroids, etc. Women with history of diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, etc are more prone towards the condition. Taking adequate care is the best way for preventing the conditio...


...preventing the condition. Treating preeclampsia is an effective way of preventing eclampsia.   Some of the common symptoms of Eclampsia are: Severe agitation Unconsciousness Seizures Mu...

Hyperemesis Gravidarum

...pregnancy. Medications are given for preventing nausea and persistent vomiting. In severe condition, it is required to admit patient in the hospital and fluids are given through IV.

Take good care when pregnant

...pregnancy. Sometimes, when women want to conceive and can’t progress with a full term, they discover that they have pregnancy disorders like ectopic pregnancy or incompetent cervix or even Place...

Inguinal Hernia

...pregnancy, urination, etc. The underlying cause must be prevented for preventing the condition. The common symptoms of inguinal hernia comprise of: Small bulging on one or both sides of groin. ...

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