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Take good care when pregnant

...pregnancy related diseases is long. However, these diseases can be controlled as well as prevented too. Here is a list of few common pregnancy disorders among women and ways to prevent or control it. ...

Ectopic Pregnancy

...pregnancy from 5% (in nonmedicated IUDs) to 15%, and the "morning after pill" is associatedwith a 10 fold increase in risk (when its use fails to prevent a pregnancy) .The incidence data for ectopic p...

Diet and Nutrition for Breast feeding

...pregnancy and post pregnancy. Breast feeding tremendously enhances the child’s immunity and it is critical activity advised to all new mothers By Dr. HK


...prevent more damage. If the case worsens you can also go for surgery to prevent any kinds of further bone and tissue loss. This will also prevent tooth loss. The only solution of periodontitis is to m...

When You Have Morning Sickness

...pregnancy and one of the most prevailing problems is morning sickness. Few starting months of pregnancy could be very tiresome and frustrating for women. Mostly, women endure nausea all day, but morni...

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