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is pregnancy possible

...pregnancy possible doctor me and my boyfriend were humping with all our clothes on jeans shorts everything could i still have a risk of pregnancy

is pregnancy possible

...pregnancy possible plz i need help can i be pregnant if me and my boyfriend were humping and he ejaculated in his jeans and we both had all our clothes on we were not nakes

Dengue and Pregnancy

...Pregnancy Dr Kaushiki dwivedee Its the peak of Dengue cases and Pregnant ladies are also at risk.Effect of Dengue on Pregnancy : Due to high grade fever there is increased risk of miscarriage b...

Take good care when pregnant

...pregnancy. Sometimes, when women want to conceive and can’t progress with a full term, they discover that they have pregnancy disorders like ectopic pregnancy or incompetent cervix or even Place...

Pregnancy and prenatal care

...pregnancy week. From then on after every fortnight till the pregnancy completes 36 weeks In the later stage, once in every week All through the pregnancy the health care provider regularly chec...

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