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...pregnancies, history of the tumors, molar pregnancies, etc are some other causes of the condition. When a woman removes hydatidiform mole or opts for termination of pregnancy, then careful monitorin...

Ectopic Pregnancy

...pregnancies have a medical history inclusive of salpingitis or PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) . Someectopic pregnancies can be traced to congenital tubal abnormalities, endometriosis, tubal scarrin...

Sheehan'S Syndrome

...symptoms due to the death of pituitary gland. This disease is mostly seen in multiple pregnancies and in case of placental disorders. The patient suffering from Sheehan’s syndrome has the f...


...symptoms.    * Genetic counseling may also help to understand the risk for microcephaly in  pregnancies.

Disheartening incomplete abortion

...pregnancies as well. Further it can be dangerous for mother’s health too as the residues continue to flood the blood stream with B HCG with no viable foetus to support there in. What all sympt...

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