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Cheek augmentation

...implants that are surgically inserted into his face to give a volume around the cheeks. This gives the face of the balance to be loose and hanging skin sagging due to age. Cheek is an increase in inv...


...Implants Modern Medicine Artificial testicle implants Male Hormone (androgen) Psychological support

Breast Agumentation

...implants is a common method. Silicone implants are of two types.   1. Gel filled which gives a soft to firm consistency and   2. Saline filled.   Advantages:   Reasonably f...

Penis size matters

...penis size to educate and the young and also inform the adults about the curiosities of their children and their right answers: What is the normal penis size? The normal penis size is 6 to 6.5 inche...

Cancer Of The Penis

...penis has the following symptoms:- The patient develops genital lesions on the penis. A painless sore may also develop on penis and may cause pain occasionally. There may be pain in the penis and...

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