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Search results for obesity surgery

Hiatal Hernia

...obesity, injury to area, being born with unusual large hiatus, etc. The condition can cause reflux gastric acid in some patients Controlling factors like obesity, smoking, etc may help in preventing...

Respiratory Acidosis

...Surgery Modern Medicine Surgery can also be performed Vertical bounded gastroplasty Roux-y gastric bypass Diaphragmatic pacing


...Obesity Genetic problems Drinking excessive alcohol Excessive sun exposure Some of the best ways of preventing malignant tumors are described below: Eating healthy and nutritious diet Re...

Amenorrhea - Primary

...obesity- gonadal dysgenesis- Turner's syndrome (XO)- hypogonadotropic hypogonadism- testicular feminization syndrome- true hermaphroditism- chronic illness- malnutrition- Crohn's disease- cystic fibro...

Cutaneous Skin Tags

...obesity are more prone to this disease. Some of the tags are hereditary in nature. Hormonal changes during pregnancy may also lead to this disease. The cutaneous skin tags can be of any nature, f...

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