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Why Sore Throat In Winter Happens?

...natural measures, the condition of sore throat can be treated in 5-7 days. Natural Remedies to Treat Sore Throat Prefer taking such diet that helps in strengthening the immune system. Vitamin...

Lung Abscess

...natural flora.  aspirates can also be used for checking Fibre optic bronchoscopy is often used to exclude obstructive lesion; it also helps in bronchial drainage of pus. Cough Fever wih s...

Otitis Externa; Acute

...antibiotics. By using over-the-counter ear drops, medications or by applying warm cloth to the affected area, the infection gets cleared. If an infection is caused by virus, antibiotics are recommend...

Hot Tub Folliculitis

...antibiotics ointment is used. Even after applying ointment, rashes do not go away; oral antibiotics like ciprofloxacin need to be taken.

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