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Search results for man sexual problems

Are you suffering a slower ejaculation?

...sexual grounds and shows up with convoluted sexual problems. Excess of self abuse, some unusual patterns of masturbation cause self assumptions leading to the dreaded. Disturbed relationships, as me...

problem in making sexual relationship

...sexual relationship hi doctor i am a man of 33yrs.i have sex problem.i feel that my penis is very weak.i can't make sexual relation with my wife more than 1 minute. pls help me

Inhibited Sexual Desire

...sexual experiences like sexual abuse, rape, etc. s/he likely to experience the sexual disorder. Intake of some medications, psychological conditions like stress, depression, etc also affects sexual l...

Can homoeopathy help sexual issues?

...sexual desire in a crude form. When tamed with homoeopathic tools serve as a medicine for sexual weakness with no desire. Premature old age is visible with sexual abuse. The remedy is indicated where ...


...sexually-transmitted disease (STD). It is transmitted by both heterosexual and homosexual practices.Some sexual practices, such as anal intercourse, carry higher risk of transmission than other sexual...

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