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The connection between diet and hypertension

...blood on the arteries of your heart.  A blood pressure have two measures: systolic and diastolic pressure which in common terms is known as high or low blood pressure.   Although once you a...

What are the reasons for low blood pressure in ladies?

...low blood pressure in ladies? I am a young lady of age 44. I get attack of low blood pressure nearly 60/90 daily or after a day and body gets sinking. Diet and digestion is all right.What is the reas...

Low Pressure

...blood pressure or could this systom be because of the low blood pressure. She has low pressure. Please advice me.

Addison's disease –causes and symptoms

...low blood pressure, severe and sudden piercing pain from abdomen, legs or lower back, dehydration, or even unconsciousness.  It is very important to treat the Addisonian crisis very fast because ...

Pregnancy Exercises and General Guidelines

...pressure while holding your breath. This may cause pressure in the abdominal region and affect the blood pressure. Low impact aerobics: Low impact aerobics also has a branch of pregnancy exercises...

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