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Sexual Dysfunction Overview

...of sexual dysfunction symptoms. There are myriad symptoms of this disease, some of them trivial whereas others are major. Most of the symptoms are complete definitions in themselves. Some of the sympt...

sex stamina

...lack of desire,lack oferecton


...lack of sexual desire, inability to become aroused and lack of orgasm. Conservative Modern Medicine The treatment of the Vaginismus totally depends upon the underlying condition of the patient...

Childhood Disintegrative Disorder

...of acquired skills Loss of social and motor skills Lack of receptive or expressive language Lack of spoken languages Lack of communication and social interaction Stereotyped patterns of behaviour...

Inhibited Sexual Desire

...of the main causes of the condition are lack of affection, communication problems, conflicts, not spending enough time together, etc. If any person has negative attitude toward sex or has faced trauma...

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