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Search results for home remedies for varicose veins

Varicose Veins

...varicose veins are causing too much pain, sclerotherapy is performed. In sclerotherapy, fluid is injected into the veins which results in shrinking of the veins

Venous Insufficiency

...varicose veins. It may also be caused due to the clot formation (deep vein thrombosis). It may also be caused due to the possible blood leakage around the valves of the veins. The other risk factors...

Extending sphere of varicose veins

...varicose veins. The condition is characterised by a blood vessel (vein) getting dilated and elongated surfacing in form of dark pigmented skin areas revealing the entire course of blood circulation. W...

The Harmful High Heels

...veins. Since the stilettos tend to squeeze your feet, it causes a compression on the bones and pressure on the veins. A condition called varicose veins can develop where the veins on the calves swell ...

Stasis Dermatitis

...varicose veins and poor circulation of veins in the body. The patient needs to control the peripheral edema to prevent stasis-dermatitis ulcers. The patient suffering from stasis-dermatitis has th...

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