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Home remedies for mouth ulcers

...Remedies of Mouth Ulcers: There are some effective home remedies for mouth ulcers that can be used to get relief from them. One of the most effective home remedies is chewing basil in morning and ...


...Home remedies Home Remedies Mild illness may be treated at home with supportive measures. Parents should stay calm; this will help the child to stay calm.Warm or cool humidified air should be provid...

Effective headache remedies

...forehead. Let the paste dry for sometime then rub it off and wash it. This is one of the best home remedies for headaches. Lukewarm water gargles for throat, steam inhalation and nasal cleaning with ...

Why Sore Throat In Winter Happens?

...forementioned are some of the home measures that help in giving quick relief from sore throat. It is advised that avoid taking antibiotics if the condition can be treated with home remedies. Treating...

Complete Information about Diarrhoea

...for long time as it absorbs water and expel imperative compounds and fluids from your body. Therefore, it is necessary to understand some home remedies. 

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