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Get to know bird flu

...flu tends to be a respiratory disease spread by droplets. The only way a bird flu virus can spread easily from human to human is if the bird flu changes by picking up some genes form human flu virus. ...

Why Sore Throat In Winter Happens?

...remedies. Treating sore throat with natural remedies is one facet of the coin. Another facet in some cases the condition of sore throat is not easy to treat at home, they need medical attention. Espe...

Fat burning spices

...remedies or natural alternatives are getting popularity incredibly. In addition, species for losing weight are incorporated with home remedies for fat burning. These food spices are not only taste enh...

swine flu vaccination for childrens

...flu vaccine to our both sons on 11.09.2010) with common flu vaccine. but I am still worry about side effects arising from swine flu vaccine. please clear my question.

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