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Biliary Atresia

...Fetal Form- which arises during fetal life. Often children with fetal atresia have other birth defects of heart, spleen, intestines. 2)      Perinatal form – this type ...

Placenta Abruptio

...fetal distress (abnormal fetal heart rate changes, in relation to contractions, and/orviolent fetal movements). In the event of an immature fetus and evidence of only a small placental separation, the...

Question Title

...weeks and two days, according to the report of ultrasound the fetal sac is present but the fetal not seen. due to haevy bleeding, docter adviced to abort. i agreed. plz, help me to the reason about th...

fetal movement

fetal movement my wife is 29 weeks pregnant , so far baby is normal however from last three days we are not feeling any moves by baby if all is ok

Spinach to Boost up Health reducing the cholesterol and other fat deposits in human blood cells. The folate compound of spinach prevents arteriosclerosis by lowering the blood cells named homocysteine. It helps to cure di...

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