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weight loss

weight loss am 29 yrs of age and my weight is losing weight so fast.i went for medical check up by they never found anything wrong.pls help me. i want to be at least 56kg

Top breakfast myths Timely breakfast is good for loosing weight Well that is the myth carry forwarded even by the dieticians and wellness gurus. But if you eat breakfast at a particular time of a day even when yo...

Advantages of laughter therapy

...for laughing. Why laughter is the best medicine? Laughter makes you forget pain, tension, stress and guilt. For a moment, it frees you from all the worries and takes you into a different world of ha...

Addison's disease –causes and symptoms

...weight loss, fatigue and many times skin darkening all over the body.  The main reason for its occurrence is inability of adrenal gland to produce adequate amount of cortisol hormone and at times...

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