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Search results for diabetes weight loss

Signs that mark diabetes

...diabetes. In many cases sudden weight loss can be the sign of diabetes. If you are neither on diet nor taking any special efforts to loose weight, then sudden loss of weight should be taken seriously...

When you have diabetes

...Weight loss The metabolism of a diabetic patient is hampered and instant weight loss is seen. Precautions in diabetes Exercise Regular exercise is must to keep a diabetic person energetic and pos...

Advantages of laughter therapy

...Weight loss and laughter therapy A person daily having his dose of laughter therapy leads a happy life. Stress, loneliness, desperation are main reasons of overeating and weight gain. Laughter therap...

Diabetes Insipidus-Nephrogenic

...Weight loss Rapid heart rate Conservative Treatment Modern Medicine Main goal of treatment is to control fluid level in body. Medication are given to improve symptom

Perirenal Abscess

...Weight loss Lethargy Blood in urine Conservative treatment Modern Medicine It includes immediate IV administration of antibiotics and drainage of the abscess through catheter percutaneous a...

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