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Search results for common relationship problems

Orgasmic Dysfunction

...relationship, treatment may include communication training and relationship enhancement work A qualified sex specialist for therapy will be helpful.

Inhibited Sexual Desire

Some of the main causes of the condition are lack of affection, communication problems, conflicts, not spending enough time together, etc. If any person has negative attitude toward sex or has fa...

Dependent Personality Disorder

...problems starting something on their own or handling things independently. They have problems showing disagreement with others, specially who they are dependent on; they fear they will lose...

Are you neglecting romance for responsibilities?

...relationship. If the romance in a relationship is neglected, there are chances that the love relationship gets broken or reaches a dead end. You can loose your most favorite person, the love of your l...

Valuable tips to avoid stress

...problems or stress with friends, spouse or relatives. If there are some personal reasons for stress, interaction is the best way of solving it. Official problems can be solved by sharing your tensions...

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