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Search results for cinnamon and weight loss

Fat burning spices

...and infuse energy.   Basil – It is imperative and vital substance that can give you desired and expected result related to weight loss. It has been proved that basil enhances the energy a...

FE Ultra-Rich Dazzling Body Lotion Bitter Orange & Cinnamon

...Cinnamon Tangy Orange with spicy overtones of Cinnamon makes a refreshing blend. This body lotion uses burnt Cane Sugar , a humectant that attracts and seals moisture into the skin.

Does water helps weight loss?

...and weight loss through water let us first understand what is weight loss? Weight loss is diluting and washing of extra stored fats from our body. And what is the main unique feature of water? Washing...

Spices for a healthy life

...and aroma to different dishes. India used to export spices all over the world during the medieval period. Portuguese when landed in India were amazed with these different aromas and tastes of spices a...

Schedule your weight loss regime

...and pump up more and more oxygenated blood to the organs. The circulation improves and helps strengthen. This is integral for a weight loss program but after a while as mentioned above it won’t ...

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