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Search results for caffeine and pregnancy

Restless Leg Syndrome

...and minerals, etc. in some of the cases, the patient may suffer from this disease due to addiction to alcohol, caffeine, antidepressants and H2-histamine blockers. In some of the cases this disease ma...

Eat right to be fertile

...and premature deliveries. Smoking can prove harmful both for fertility and pregnancy and should be put on an absolute hold. For females both active and passive smoke is to be avoided. In case even...

Diet and Nutrition for Breast feeding

...and also prevent dehydration, constipation and clogged milk ducts. Focus on eating whole grains and cereals, fresh nuts and vegetables and food that provide plenty of protein, calcium and iron Eati...

morning sickness during pregnancy

...and nausea in morning, and after eating; flatulence and pain in stomach; sour and bitter eructations; nausea and vomiting with much retching, take Nux vomica 30, 4 hrly. .


...and blood vessel problems. Other factors are obesity, past history of diabetics, first pregnancy or multiple pregnancy and high age, especially after the age of 35 years. There is no known preventio...

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