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Ovarian Hypofunction

...becoming pregnant. Statistically, less than 10% of women face problem in becoming pregnant if they are suffering from ovarian hypofunction. Estrogen therapy Modern Medicine Ovarian hypofunction...

Adolescent Pregnancy

...becoming again pregnant will reduced. After the delivery, mothers should be encouraged to continue education, so that they will be able to support themselves as well as their child emotionally as ...

pregnancy detection

...becoming pregnant?

Preventive tips for teenage pregnancy

...pregnant anytime if she has an intercourse. So the best thing is to make your girl child aware about the consequences of indulging in sex. If you are a teacher in school or a NGO working for the caus...

Turner'S Syndrome

...becoming pregnant. In such case, they have to take help of Vitro fertilization technique. In this technique, a donor egg is used to create uterus in the woman suffering from Turner's syndrome

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