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Bad Breath

...bad breath.    A cavity or periodontal gum disease can also cause bad breath. Cavity is an infection in the teeth and should be treated from Dentist as apart from causing bad breath; ...

What to do when you have bad breath?

...bad breath? Dr. Ankur Bad breath as we all can understand is a big turn off. No one ever would like to share a company of a smelly partner. So what t do when most regard it as a part and parcel of l...


...breath and chest pain Surgery Modern Medicine Treatment is majorly depends on the cause of kyphosis Surgery is treatment of choice in congenital and traumatic kyphosis and in severe cases ...

Trench Mouth

...bad breath and a foul taste in the mouth.Though the exact cause is not known, but it is believed that enzymes and toxins produced by the bacteria play a role in destroying the gum tissue. Good oral ...

bad breath :(

bad breath :( <p>&nbsp;I&rsquo;ve tried all kind of rinses, mouth wash, tooth pastes but I still have bad breath. What shall I do?</p>

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