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Bad Breath

...bad breath.    A cavity or periodontal gum disease can also cause bad breath. Cavity is an infection in the teeth and should be treated from Dentist as apart from causing bad breath; ...

What to do when you have bad breath?

...bad breath? Dr. Ankur Bad breath as we all can understand is a big turn off. No one ever would like to share a company of a smelly partner. So what t do when most regard it as a part and parcel of l...

bad breath :(

bad breath :( <p>&nbsp;I&rsquo;ve tried all kind of rinses, mouth wash, tooth pastes but I still have bad breath. What shall I do?</p>

Question Title

...bad breath? . though i brush twice daily ,but still theres bad breath. pls help

Smile with white

...bad breath.  A vibrant, cute, bubbly smile is sure to impress and quarantines loads of confidence in any individual. Poor lifestyle, addictions and smoking are a few wrongs that show up via teet...

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